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Cast Iron Radiator Valves

Picture Of Victorian Cast Iron Radiators Valves

There are two main types of Cast Iron Radiator Valves available – Thermostatic Radiator Valves – also known as TRVs – and Manual Radiator Valves.

As well as a large range of Cast Iron Radiators, we also stock a wide range of accessories to complement your Cast Iron radiator. The most obvious and most important are the Radiator Valves for your Cast Iron radiator.  

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Control the temperature of your Radiator by regulating the flow of the water running through it. Each Thermostatic Valve contains heat sensitive gel, wax or liquid that contracts and expands depending upon how you set the dial. By manually adjusting the heat settings with the dial, you are able to cap the maximum temperature in your room and reduce your energy consumption.

Manual Radiator Valves

Tend to be smaller, do not have a dial, and offer a neat, minimalist look. Like TRVs, they control the temperature of the radiator and the water flow running through it, but do not have a dial that restricts the radiator to set temperatures. Instead, it works like an on-off switch and allows the user to turn off their radiator without turning off the central heating system.

A Variety Of Radiator Valve Designs

Both manual valves and TRVs come in angled, straight and corner fittings and are available in sleek modern styles or traditional designs to suit your interior design theme. The type of radiator valve and fitting you require will depend on the position of your pipework and where the inlets on your radiator are positioned. We stock Arroll Radiators Valves & Carron Radiator Valves 

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