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Antoinette Cast Iron Radiator

£89.00£2,290.00 Inc VAT
A highly decorative Regal French design with intricate detailing at the foot and head, connected by a straight-edged vine. Its side is adorned by a subtle midway decoration.

Chelsea Cast Iron Radiator

£55.00£1,620.00 Inc VAT
Dating from circa 1900, this elaborately decorated cast iron radiator design was originally commissioned for the Chelsea Barracks Officers’ Mess. With its pronounced detailing, this radiator looks outstanding in polished or highlighted finish.  

Churchill Cast Iron Radiator 670mm

£68.50£1,800.00 Inc VAT
Available in 2 heights - this radiator dates from the 1880s and the style was originally used in Government Buildings. Featuring a superb BTU output per section, this radiator is ideally suited for heating larger rooms.

Cromwell Cast Iron Radiator 485mm

£32.00£940.00 Inc VAT
Available in 3 heights - this traditional Victorian radiator was first produced in America in the 1880s. Today, this simple design gives a contemporary feel, especially when fully polished.

Daisy Cast Iron Radiator 595mm

£31.50£1,080.00 Inc VAT
Available in 3 heights - this elegant decorative radiator, first produced in France in the 1890s, was originally intended for use with steam. This design has since evolved to be used on hot water systems and features an eye catching daisy design flowing from top to bottom.

Deco Cast Iron Radiator 585mm

£27.70£1,090.00 Inc VAT
Available in 2 heights - this statuesque design combines strong geometric forms with delicate detailing, giving a strong Art Deco look. Sleek and symmetrical, this radiator will bring a touch of 1930s glamour to any home.

Dragonfly Cast Iron Radiator

£38.00£2,060.00 Inc VAT
With its graceful lines and organic ornamental motifs, the Dragonfly is a true Art Nouveau design. Alive with natural decoration, this beautiful and unique radiator makes a striking addition to any room.

Duchess 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator 590mm

£33.00£1,150.00 Inc VAT
Available in 2 heights - this 2 column American radiator has a simple, fresh appearance with a slow curving top and rounded columns. A real modern classic that will make a feature in any home.

Duchess 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator 330mm

£40.00£1,280.00 Inc VAT
Duchess 4 column cast iron radiator. Perfect for bay windows or where a low radiator is required. This radiator also benefits from a high heat output.

Eton Cast Iron Radiator 480mm

£30.00£1,060.00 Inc VAT
Available in 4 heights. A high quality classically designed cast iron radiator with integral legs. The Eton's simple design, consisting of straight edges and a curved top, comes in a full range of colours/finishes.

John King Cast Iron Radiator

£60.00£1,740.00 Inc VAT
Taking its name from an old Liverpudlian plumbing company, which supplied the original, the John King is a superb Anglo-American designed radiator with interesting features. An inlaid feature of floral patterns serve to juxtapose the crisp ridged piping formed around the edge which then cascade into cabriole legs completing its sophisticated appearance.  

Liberty Cast Iron Radiator 865mm

£72.50£1,940.00 Inc VAT
Available in 2 heights. Stylised organic motifs, inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, bring a timeless quality to this design. With a strong architectural feel and detail right down to the foot, this radiator will make a striking addition to any room.