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The Cawthorne Victorian Exterior Door


A Victorian design classic, this is our most popular door. Two rectangular glazed panes over single or double lower panels. Available with single or encapsulated leaded glass, you can choose to have our standard glazing or personalise your door with a design of your own. Shown here with a dentil frieze, double cricket bat panels and single glazed leaded glass. Other options are configurable at time of order.

As each and every door is manufactured specifically for you there are various options for you to choose from; the timber used to build it, the glazing and also the details within any particular design are all interchangable, allowing you to create a door that looks exactly as you want.

The ranges of exterior doors are available in various timber choices:

  • Softwood – Exterior grade MDF Panels
  • Softwood – Softwood Panels
  • Hardwood – Exterior grade MDF Panels
  • Hardwood – Hardwood Panels
  • Oak

In most cases the choice of timber will reflect what you intend to do with the door; if you are painting it, the MDF panels are a good way to get more for your budget. If it is to be a natural finish and the timber will be on display, then you will need either Softwood/Softwood panels, Hardwood/Hardwood panels, or Oak.

These doors are supplied ready to finish (not painted as in the photos), these doors are able to take a stain or paint finish.

As this is a bespoke door, lead times for both standard and custom sized products are approx 4-6 weeks.

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