Cast Iron Radiator

Buying Guide.

Assembled and finished in our workshops in the UK by Carron’s skilled technicians, our radiators come with a LIFETIME guarantee, such is the pride and trust we have in quality of work we produce.


Home Refresh are proud to offer you an exclusive range of bespoke, high quality Cast Iron Radiators. Our Radiators size from 3 sections up to 20 plus sections and can be painted in any colour finish of your choice.

Cast Iron Radiators were first developed in the mid 1800’s they are not only functional, but also stylish pieces of furniture that complement any room setting, from traditional period properties to more contemporary homes.

All of our Cast Iron Radiators are brand new and fully tested to BS EN442-1 and BS EN442-2, are BSRIA compliant and have a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

We have a wealth of experience and are fully focused on bringing you high quality Radiators, at exceptionally good prices, whilst offering the very best in customer service. Call our friendly expert team today for help and advice on your Cast Iron Radiator purchase – 0161 706-0551


All our traditional radiators are individually hand cast and assembled, meaning lengths and widths of the cast iron radiators can vary slightly. We advise that you take delivery of your radiators before installing your pipework. Measurements given are a guide only. Unless otherwise specifically requested, radiators will be supplied bushed with ½ inch bushes.

Product Handling

Cast Iron Radiators are very heavy, you must ensure adequate manpower is available when taking delivery of your radiators and when it comes to positioning them for the actual installation. The ideal way to carry a cast iron radiator is have two pieces of wood, slipped between the sections at each end, so the radiator can be carried vertically (as it would stand normally). The most common cause of leaks is the strain on the gaskets when carrying the radiator. You must ensure that the radiator is only moved in the upright position once removed from the pallet to prevent flexing the seals.


All our Cast Iron Radiators come with feet sections, so they sit on the floor. In addition to this top retaining stays or “wall stays” should be fitted to avoid the radiator tipping over.


It is easy to overlook the accessories you might need to complete the installation of your cast iron radiator or to achieve a specific look. Our range of traditional radiator valves compliment our cast iron radiators. Our period radiator valves are available in thermostatic and manual designs. We supply brass radiator valves and chrome radiator valves as well as other finishes. We also supply matching radiator wall stays and pipe shrouds.

Radiator Valves

Choose between manual valves or thermostatically controlled (TRV), the latter giving you a more balanced room temperature and are more energy efficiency. Next you’ll choose style; given the traditional nature of cast iron radiators most people opt for a traditional cast iron radiator valve, but we also have a range of modern valves on offer.

Pipe Shrouds

Are the perfect finishing touch for your installation and purchased by most of our customers. These metal tubes are finished to match your radiator valves and slide over copper or plastic inlet pipes that come up from the floor or out from the wall. Supplied with a matching escutcheon (floor plate) used to hold the pipe cover in place and cover any rough edges and gaps between the floor (or wall) and the inlet pipework.

Wall Stays

Also popular are our luxury wall stays. Again supplied in a matching finish to the valves and sleeve kits, these are used to secure the radiator to the wall for safety and prevent the radiator from being tipped over.

End Bushes

Bushes are the caps that fit on each end of the radiator, the two at the bottom are generally used to connect radiator valves for the flow in and out and the two at the top generally comprise of one blanking cap and one that has an air-vent fitted, to allow you to bleed air from your system. 


A first layer or undercoat. These Cast Iron Radiators will still need painting.

Painted Finish

We can paint finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation. When ordering your paint finish we will contact you to confirm your choice.

Antiqued Cast Iron Radiators

Antiqued Cast Iron Radiators have effectively been painted twice. The first coat, which is normally a light colour is painted normally and allowed to dry. The second coat is allowed to partially dry and is then wiped off of the radiator which gives the effect of ageing the radiator. This process works better on those decorative Cast Iron Radiators with enough patterning to give the maximum effect to the antiquing. The colour combinations can be varied for different effect.

Highlight Polished

Highlight Polished Cast Iron Radiators are first painted in a dark colour. Then the detail of the decoration is polished to a mirror finish giving an added silver sparkle to the ornate detail on the Radiator. Highlight polishing only works on those Cast Iron Radiators with decorative detail or with elements to highlight. It is not possible to highlight polish most solid fin radiators or column cast iron radiators.

Hand Burnished

Carron offer a polishing service for their cast iron radiators which entails a thorough polish through a machine to give a stunning finish. The hand burnished finish does require periodic maintenance and is generally not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms unless a lacquer finish is applied, this can be done upon request.


Cast Iron Radiator Accessories

Our traditional radiators are perfectly positioned between the heritage and charm of historic design and the pragmatic efficiency required of 21st century heating.
Ribbon Cast Iron Radiator

Luxury Radiator Valves

Choose between manual valves or thermostatically controlled (TRV), the latter giving you a more balanced room temperature and are more energy efficiency.

Luxury Wall Stays

Also popular are our Carron Luxury Wall Stays are used to secure the radiator to the wall for safety and prevent the radiator from being tipped over.