Cast Iron Radiators

Why Buy A Cast Iron Radiator

Victorian 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

Home Refresh are proud to offer you an exclusive range of bespoke, high quality Cast Iron Radiators. Our Radiators size from 3 sections up to 20 plus sections and can be painted in any colour finish of your choice.

Why Buy A Cast Iron Radiator


Our Cast Iron Radiator will complement most styles of decor. Traditional in design and would really look the part with matching traditional valves.  A highly decorative Regal French design with intricate detailing at the foot and head, connected by a straight-edged vine. This Cast Iron Radiator would look great painted, polished or hand burnished if you are looking for a real statement piece the Cast Iron Radiator will not disappoint. 

Heat distribution

Cast Iron Radiators are energy efficient radiators and a good energy saving radiator choice. Cast iron is far denser and heavier than steel thus the cast iron holds the heat for a far longer length of time once your boiler has been switched off. The cast iron radiator will gradually cool down whereas the steel radiator will loose its heat far quicker and render a room space cooler in a much quicker space of time.

Easy clean rads

Vacuum all over the surface of the radiator using a soft brush to get the surface dirt off. Then wrap a non metal kitchen implement such as a wooden spoon or spatula in a cloth or teatowel and then run this up between the columns over all of the internal surfaces to dislodge the dirt. Make sure the spoon/towel is fat enough to be squashed into the crevices of your radiator. Vacuum again. If the radiator does not look clean, use the spoon/towel again wherever you see dust.

Can be painted in any colour of your choice

We can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

Ideal for period homes

Each section is sand cast using CNC moulds and 3D modelling techniques together with efficient cast production line. The result is a crisp, detailed decoration, which achieves a superior aesthetic quality. Hand built in the UK & complete with a life time guarantee Pressure Tested to 10 Bar Supplied Fully Assembled

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